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Rajasthani Ethnic Silver Danglers with White and Blue Stones and Motifs

Earrings continue to make all the impact in every outfit, so discover the perfect pairs for your style from our new-season collection. Light-weight, trendy and stylish earrings that accomplish your Style statement.
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This is a pair of modern day-to-day wear silver piece of earrings that can be considered to be beautiful intricate designs and white and blue stones. The dangle is one of the best that matches with each and every casual or party outfit. The oval shaped base of the earring is decorated with big blue stone and silver intricate motifs that came out to be the best decorations. The bell-shaped dangler is decorated with an intricate leaf and bud design that works well with any occasion. Both the dangler and the base are adorned by white and blue stones on the top as well as the chandelier. The jewellery has a subtle way of gathering an appreciation for you without looking gaudy on you. Be it a pair of jeans or ethnic wear this silver earring works well with just about any attire would look good with just about anything. The silver earring is quite light and does not trouble the wearer after some time. The fact that it is affordable also tilts the scale it the favor of adding it in their own wardrobe. Feel at ease to show off your most ethnic or stylish side by wearing it!

•   Style: Ethnic Silver with White and blue Stones Earrings

•   Recommended Wearing: Festival or Casual

•  Craftsmanship: Traditional silver earrings with intricate designs and white and blue stones found in both the oval base and the dangler, featuring an intricate leaf and bud design.

•  Plating: Rustic Old Silver Look

•  Features: Quality approved as well as durable

•  Package: Silver Ear Dangler With White and Blue Stones

If you are afraid of the quality or pick up do not be as we are more than happy to get the quality jewellery on your doorstep!