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Rajnigandha Live Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow
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Description for Rajnigandha Polianthes Tuberosa

These plants are native to Mexico and have the unique characteristic of growing in elongated spikes which can be at least 45 cm in length. This spike consists of a cluster of flower in pink, reddish purple, white, orange and yellow. Aromatic in nature, flowers are grown to make perfumes. Grown both in pots and in the garden, they are available in parts of Asia, and Europe. Apart from its usage in the making of perfumes, they are also cultivated for other commercial purposes. They belong to Asparagus family and grows perennially.

Soil rich in nutrients and is thoroughly drained best supports the growth of the plant. Generally, it is considered nocturnal in nature and has leaves that remain clustered at the base. The best season to grow these flowers is during late summer since it prefers more sunlight for a full bloom of the flowers. The leaves are usually 30 cm long and need moist soil for healthy growth. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Mexican tuberose, Polianthes tuberose, Gul Shabbo and Polyanthus Lily.

White, reddish purple, orange and pink.

Late summer

2 to 3 feet

Easy to grow

Planting And Care






They need a healthy amount of sunlight which provides the plant with nourishment. Excessive moisture or clogged soil have a negative impact on the flowers.

Choose a well-drained drained soil and rich in its organic content. Mixing the soil with peat moss, ground bark or compost can make these plant thrive. A clogged soil is however not considered healthy for the plant. If they are being planted in containers, it should have proper drainage holes to avoid excess moisture. 

Watering should be done on a regular basis during the growing period.

65 to 85 F

A fertilizer of 8-8-8 is best suitable to these plants. Moreover, fertilizer should best be chosen after testing the quality of the soil. Phosphatic fertilizers are more than 80% water soluble and are used on this plant.

Caring for Rajnigandha Polianthes Tuberosa

Chose a soil with pH value between 6.6 to 7 and dig at least 6 inches to ensure a healthy growth. Also before the soil completely dries out it is essential to water them, this would foster a healthy development of roots and leaves. In order to get a thriving growth of these plants pruning is extremely essential. The leaves turn yellow and indicate that it is time to eliminate them from the healthy parts of the plant. It is also important to remember that as soon as the foliage turns completely yellow or brown, the plant has finished flowering. 

Typical usages of Rajanigandha Polianthes Tuberosa

Special features

•  The bulbs of these plants are an excellent remedy for gonorrhoea, boils and abscesses as well.
•  They are used for the treatment of rashes and pimples in children. Boiling of the flowers is also traditionally done for the treatment of ace and enlarged pores.
•  Tuberose oil is an essential oil derived from this plant and is manufactured in large numbers for reducing stress, depression and other emotional disturbances.

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