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Rhoeo Spathacea Tricolor Live Plant

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Description for Rhoeo Spathacea Tricolor Plant

Also known as Moses in the cradle, these plants are considered to be a native of Guatemala and are widely grown for its ornamental value. They sprout a dense and attractive mass of sword-shaped leaves which grow best in full sun. The folio grows in tri-color- white, pink, and green stripes coupled with purple beneath. These plants can sustain summer, and fall and is widely purchased for its low maintenance. Mass plantings add a different hue to these plants, they can be both perennial and annual depending on the region where they are growing. They belong to the family of Spiderworts with approximately 70 species available presently.

Extremely drought tolerant, their leaves are succulent in nature. They store water under the canopies. One can plant them on any kind of well-drained soil; if they are planted on the container it should have proper holes for draining out excess water. It is due to their foliage that they are used for ornamental purposes. These herbs are commonly found in Belize, Mexico- Chiapas, Tabasco, Texas, Guatemala, Hawaii and other islands. Although non-toxic to humans, it can still give birth to severe allergic reactions and is especially poisonous to cats. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Oyster plant, Moses in the cradle, Boat Lily, Men in a Boat, Moses on a Raft

Green and purple

Seasonal Plant

12-15 inches

Easy to grow


Planting And Care






Cold is deterrent to a healthy growth of these plants and they prefer full to partial sunlight throughout their lifespan. 

The soil should be thoroughly drained and one can even mix 1 to 2 inches of coarse sand to improve the drainage. In order to improve the moisture, adding dark mulch under the plant is a good idea. 

Watering should be done whenever the soil turns excessive dry, around once or twice a week during the humid season. The roots should be watered deeply which in turn would ensure a healthy root. Excess water is never healthy for these plants.  

20 C to 30 C

Fertilization during the springtime is best recommended to enhance their growth. Ideal fertilizer is 20-20-20 diluted in 1 gallon of water sprinkled with the help of a watering can. pH balanced fertilizers are advised for these plants which however should be avoided during the winter season. 

Caring for Rhoeo Spathecea Tricolor

Care should be given to the amount of water since overwatering can result in fungus, spotting and root rot. The tricolor plant can do well without pruning and might be toxic to pets like dogs, or even to naked skin. Insects and pests are a rare sight on these plants; however, a nitrogen-based fertilizer can facilitate their growth.  

Typical usages of Rhoeo Spathecea tricolor

Special features

•  They are famous for their anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory elements
•  Their leaves are edible and can be boiled and infused for the making of tea.
•  The plants are a useful remedy for high fever, cough, and bronchitis.