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Rose White Live Plant

This beautiful plant is a must-have in your garden.
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Description for White Rose Plant

Rose also known as Rosa is a flowering plant that produces flower all around the year. Commonly used for the decorative purpose they are mainly planted as an outdoor plant. They can be planted in the garden area for ocular and olfactory reasons, as they are not only good to look at when planted in large numbers but also their beautiful scents will surround the area.

The leaves of the plant can be found alternately on its stems. They are 2 to 5 inches in length. The leaves have jagged margins. Roses can have different colors like red, yellow, pink other than white. The structure of petals is different in different species of roses.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



Rosa, Chinensis, Bracteatae, Rosa Gallica, Rosa glauca, Rosa persica, Rosa stellata, Rosa gymnocarpa, Rosa canina, Rosa rugosa.


The plant bears flower during spring, but in some species of plants, flowers bloom throughout the year.

The height of the rose bushes is generally 6 feet.

The difficulty level to grow this plant is not at all high.

Planting and Care

To successfully cultivate rose plant you will have to make sure that the plant gets ample sunlight and doesn’t face a shortage of water supply. While planting, you will have to carefully dig the soil so that the roots get enough space to grow. Be sure to prune them properly as the plant is susceptible to diseases such as black spots and powdery mildews. 






Needs plenty of sunlight to grow.

The soil cannot be dry it needs to be moist.

You will need to water the plant regularly to keep the condition of the soil favorable for the plant's growth.

Within 15 to 30 degree C.

 The soil, on which you are growing the plant, needs to be fertilized properly. The pH balance of the soil is maintained for the flowers can bloom.

Caring for White Rose plant

For the plant to be teaming with flower, you will need to:

•  Plant it where it can get proper sunlight
•  Prune the plant 
•  Fertilize the soil
•  Water the plant
•  Make sure that the plant doesn’t get infected

Special features

•  It can be used for decorative purposes 
•  Rose has medicinal uses as the fruit of the plant contains a small dose of Vitamin C. It can be used to create herbal medicines.
•  It can be used to prepare perfumes by using the oil that is contained in the flower.
•  It can be incorporated in foods and beverages.
•  It is also used in skincare products.

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