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Irrigation & Dripping

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We are the best producer and distributor of landscape dripping and irrigation services. All the varieties of dripping and irrigation are made by our best team of specialist and latest technology.

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Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation and Drainage services are considered as one the most important needs of your garden, these services help your plants to grow at a smooth pace by watering your plants with the exact amount needed and additionally flushing the excess water out of your garden, or using waste water to feed your plants, all in order to, take care of your plant's water needs.


  • 01 Install
  • 02 Reslope
    a Lawn
  • 03 Install
  • 04 Remove
  • 05 Maintain
    a Lawn
Why NB Gardening For Lawn Care/ Garden Maintenance?

Designing, Planning and Planting are the first steps, towards creating a beautiful garden, the next step is to take care of your garden, for which you need professional gardening assistants to maintain your lawn and garden as if it is their own.

We at Natures Buggy, use the top quality products, and skilled labour to enhance the beauty of your garden with each maintenance service.

Irrigation and Drainage Services Offered at NB Gardening
  •   New irrigation system installation
  •  Irrigation modifications
  •  Customization and creation of new system
  •  Irrigation inspection
  •  Irrigation repair
  •  Water Sprinklers
  •  Water Drippers