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Our service is a dedicated workflow that cares about the quality of landscaping with higher level maintenance and support. We afford a specific person to resolve your gardening examination. k

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A well-maintained garden is a healthy and blooming garden. Take care of your garden in the best possible manner with Garden maintenance or Lawn Care Services From Natures Buggy.

Changing seasons, natural conditions and other factors including human and animal disturbance are some factors which lead to some up and downs in your garden, putting your garden's beauty at risk, and that is where Lawn Care and Garden Services come in handy.

Lawn Care/ Garden Maintenance refers to a group of services used to maintain the health, and beauty of your garden.


  • Maintenance
  • Reslope a Lawn
  • Install Sod
  • Remove Leaves
  • Maintain a Lawn
Why NB Gardening For Lawn Care/ Garden Maintenance?

Designing, Planning and Planting are the first steps, towards creating a beautiful garden, the next step is to take care of your garden, for which you need professional gardening assistants to maintain your lawn and garden as if it is their own.

We at Natures Buggy, use the top quality products, and skilled labour to enhance the beauty of your garden with each maintenance service.

Lawn Care/ Garden Maintenance Services Offered At NB Gardening
  •  Fertilizing
  •  Lawn Mowing
  •  Weed Spraying and Weed removal
  •  Leveling of soil
  •  Addition of Top Soil
  •  Vermi-composting and Mulching
  •  Coco-pit