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Solid Marble Pebbles (Pink) - 1 Kg

Pebbles help to hold moisture in the soil, block weed growth and increase drainage while stopping soil erosion.
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Solid marble pebbles are used in various ways to decorate your house in a modern way. You can let your imagination run wild while using the pink marble pebbles to design the interior of your house. There are no strict set of rules that you need to follow while using these pebbles. You can arrange them in whatever way you please. You can keep them in the open or you can keep them inside a glass jar or on a flower plate to create a unique design.

You can also pair it up with plants which you keep on a vase inside your house. You can keep the vase atop the pink marbles. If the vase is of a vibrant color then the contrast of the pink pebble beneath the colored pot will be a sight to behold. You can spread the small pebbles inside the vase along with the plant. The green color of the plant will be a nice contrast to that of the pink marbles scattered around it. You can use these pebbles for plant and indoor in any way you feel like.

You can submerge these pink pebbles in water and use flowers to float on the water. You can keep it as a showpiece on your table or in some corner of the house so that it can catch the eyes of anyone who enters the room. Again, instead of a table mat, you arrange the pink pebbles in such a way that it looks like a pink cloth spread over the table. On top of it, you can place your cutlery to give it a modern look. You do not need expensive materials to decorate or redecorate your house piecing together simple things like these will help you to create something amazing.

You can also use them for outdoor decoration. Using pink marble pebbles for the exterior of your house will make it visually stunning to anyone who wakes in through your gates. You can spread it on either side of your walkway so that the pink marbles will create a striking difference with the colored path. You can also use it on your lawn. You can intersperse it with small green areas of land so that, if you walk over it you will hear the sound of the pebbles crunching beneath your feet.

You can also use to it in a large quantity underneath your flower pots so that water dripping from them do not spoil the area. If you have a fountain you can lay these pebbles in it the water cascading onto these rocks will be good to look as well as the sound created by this will please your senses. It could prove to be therapeutic as the sight and the sound will both help you to forget your stress.

There is another reason for that is guiding people to buy these pink pebbles. These pink pebbles are used by many for Feng Shui reasons. Some people believe that the presence of these stones at their house will help them to attain spiritual superiority as well as purify them morally. Whatever be the reason the inclusion of these pebbles at your house will visually uplift the place.