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Spider Live Plant

If this is not enough to get you to buy the plant then you would only be the one who is missing out. This is because Spider Live Plant is one of our bestselling plants and a customer favorite.
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Description for Spider Plant

The Spider Live Plant is one of our most popular plants that are flying of our shelves into your home each month. The traditional green with white foliage is easy to maintain and very popular among our customers. It is a popular choice of most of the landscapers who are trying to maintain a decorative yet disciplined look in feel for their client’s backyard. It is also the most popular choice as office space decorations as they are suitable for growing indoors.

With all these many accolades under its name you may feel that it is quite impossible for Chlorophytum Comosum to be growing in your home then you could not be more wrong. Not only can it be the best ornamental addition to your home but it can be grown in a pot. Just about anything is possible with the Spider Live Plant. If cultured properly you would be able to enjoy the beauty of the plant in the walls of your own home.

The difficulty level of growing the plant is lesser than what you expect to be. Once you get the hang of it the level of difficulty would reduce a lot. While in the growing stage expect a lot of new shrubberies which would limit itself from appearance once the plant reaches its full growth. Now you can limit the growth of the Sago's palm by trimming, pruning and keeping it in a small pot. The growth of the Chlorophytum Comosum can be regulated, as well. So, you are able to enjoy the beauty on the height that you would like it to be.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time


Chlorophytum Comosum, Spider plant


Fall, Spring, Winter

1 feet or 30 cm 

Planting and Care






Partial or bright natural light 

Sandy or Well-drained 


180C to 240C

A liquid fertilizer that is diluted by water


Caring for Spider Plant

• Keep the plant away from the full glare of the sun as direct sunlight may burn it.
• Keep the soil moist but over-watering is a strict no-no.
• The plant germinates extremely easily all you need is a plant-let and within a stipulated period you would have the plant growing out of the place that you offer.
• A liquid fertilizer is one of the best that there is but it is best to get fertilizer diluted by water otherwise it would burn down the plant from inside.
• If you wish for the plants to grow then it is important that you protect it from frost as it would dry up all the water supply of the plant. This way the plant gets frozen into bits.