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Strawberry Live Plant

Just keep in mind these small suggestions and you would not only have your fruit but eat it too.
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Description for Strawberry Live Plant

Who does not love Strawberries? It is highly doubtful that we would ever get people who do not love the juicy delicious produce. While there are millions of companies and farms in the market offering you fresh and succulent Strawberries they rarely offer preservative-free goods. It is not that they are much at fault it is just that they have to sell the crop unaffected from pests or insects.

It is thus better to grow your own strawberries and for those who claim that they d not have much time let us tell you that Strawberries are not the most difficult plants to grow. If you really do not have any idea what is expected of you to grow the plant then let us tell you, not much. There is not a single thing that you cannot organize for a great development of the plant.

It is true that strawberry plants need the full assistance of the sun to grow and requires a lot of moisture. Strawberries need well-drained soil with rich-filled organic fertilizer. While a rain is ideal but a sprinkler system or watering the plan every day would do the magic for you. Supplemental watering can sustain the health of the plant in the best way possible. It is probably the most low maintenance plant ever and they are also a looker.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time


Fragaria × Ananassa

White fruit bearing flower

June to September

18 to 24 inches

Planting and Care

There are many who believe that fruit plants are not good or decorative purposes but they are wrong. What is better than having edible decorative all around you? Truthfully nothing better! The Strawberry Live Plant is one of the most visually pleasing plants that there is and it would only make your garden look beautiful. From the leaves to the flowers to the ripe and unripe products almost everything is very appealing. Hence by adding it to your garden, you would be benefiting in more ways than one.







Slightly acidic soil that retains a pH of 5.5 to 6.8

Consistent Just keep the soil remain moist right through the growing season


Any organic fertilizer would do


Caring for Strawberry Plant

•  The Strawberry plants have leaves that are varying from medium green to dark in color, a little glossy as well as slightly cupped.
•  It would be great if you can prevent the plant to bear fruit in its first year, they are still developing. This step would ensure that the plant would have abundant crops the next year.
•  Water is an extremely important part of the development of the plant that has shallow roots. But it does not mean that you would have to water it daily. Just once a week would suffice.
•  If you wish for the plants to grow then it is important that you protect it from frost as it would dry up all the water supply of the plant.

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