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Syngonium Plant with White Rectangular Pot

The Syngonium Live Plant can be used for decoration purpose. It is not difficult to take care of the plant and it purifies the air that you breathe.
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Description for Syngonium Live Plant

The Syngonium Live Plant is most commonly used as an indoor plant. It is easy to take care of and can be shaped into different sizes according to the wish of the owners. The plant is part of the Araceae family, and its scientific name is Syngonium podophyllum. The Syngonium Live Plant helps to purify the air by absorbing the pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

The plant can thrive well when kept away from the direct rays of the sun but not away from light. The leaves of the plant are pointy towards the head and are popularly known as arrowhead when it has matured. But when they are at their nascent stage the leaves are often heart-shaped. The leaves of these flowering plants are generally dark green or are flecked with light and dark green. The plant has a bushy growth and has to be trimmed regularly to maintain its attractive looks. The plant has to be re-potted to ensure that its growth is not hindered. The flowers that the plant bears have resemblance with the peace lily.

Originating in South and Central America the Syngonium Live Plant has around 30 different species. The plant does more than just purifying the air. It absorbs the pollutants in the air through its leaves and then sends them to the roots where they get converted into nutrients that can be used for the nourishment for the plant. Some religious groups keep it indoors because they consider that the plant brings good luck.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Arrowhead plant, Goosefoot plant, African Evergreen, Five fingers, Tri-Leaf wonder

The flowers are a combination of white and green colour when they appear and later transform into a dark brown colour.

The plant generally grows during springtime and bears flower when they are allowed to grow.

The plant is known to grow up to 6 feet.


Planting And Care






Keep the plant in such a place where it will get bright light but be careful that it is not exposed directly to the sunlight.

The plant can grow well in moist soil. You can also use a potting mix like peat moss to create the perfect soil for the plant.

Water the plant to ensure that the soil is moist as this will enable the plant to grow.

Temperature around 60OF will be sufficient for the growth of the plant.

The plant needs a balanced fertilizer every month during its growing season.


•  The plant must be potted in a kind of soil that is both airy and compact.
•  You can infuse perlite to the soil to make it airier.
•  Keep the soil moist but make sure that it is not wet.
•  Prune the plant properly to maintain its proper growth
•  You can also put sticks in the soil for tying the stem of the plant
•  You can grow the plant in water; just keep changing the water from time to time.
•  The plant gets infested with insects like spider mites; make sure to get rid of them.