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Traditional Ethnic Rajasthani Red and Gold Necklace

We are presenting you jewellery that will perfectly match up with your outfits. Light-weight, trendy and stylish jewellery accomplishes your fashion style.
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Here is the description of traditional ethnic Rajasthani necklace that would certainly set the mood for your evening. The gold and red thread bound silver pendent with danglers make you look all the more elegant and appealing. There is something very elegant about the intricately textured pendent embedded with red stones and detail works. The pendent itself is a work of art with the images of swans drawn on the top of the pendent that works as the latch on the thread which is works well to secure the piece of jewellery. There is an occasion for a show and an occasion for a classical setting. This specific jewellery piece happens to be a great ensemble that works well as a part of the sober outfit prepared by you. While it is a great addition to your attire for a classical night out, it looks all the more beautiful with a pair of jeans and a neck open shirt or tee. These pieces call inattention no matter what the occasion. With a sari, it calls for a subdued attention and on jeans, it beacons more happening ones. The best part of this piece is that you can decide what you want to be for the day and the ornament complies.

•   Style: Traditional Ethnic Rajasthani Necklace

•   Recommended Wearing: Festival or Casual

•  Craftsmanship: Intricately textured pendant embedded with red stones and swans on the top and silver balls beneath.

•  Plating: Gold and Silver

•  Features: Quality approved as well as durable

•  Package: Red and Gold Thread Necklace

If you are afraid of the quality or pick up do not be as we are more than happy to get the quality jewellery on your doorstep.