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Tulsi Live Plant

An outdoor plant popular for its medical benefits, It is a fragrant and perennial herb which is used in Ayurvedic medicines.
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Description for Tulsi Basil 

Tulsi, an outdoor plant is popular for its various medical benefits is also acknowledged as an elixir of life. It's a branched, fragrant and perennial herb which is now used in the form of Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi basil has hair all over its structure and they are used to treat a spectrum of health-related problems in the form of stomach pain, head pain, diseases related to heart, cough, and cold, indigestion, malaria, inflammation and many more. It's a holy plant and people worship it on daily basis.

The leaves of the Tulsi Basil are nearly round and approximately 5 cms in length. The flowers in Tulsi basil are not longer than 5mm. The leaves of the Tulsi Basil are considered to be highly aromatic and they are also utilized in the form of insect repeller. The extracted oil from the leaves of Tulsi Basil are being studied and it has been found that they are having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes to its name. The attributes literally help one with lots of medical benefits in the form of healing of organs and wounds, maintaining the blood pressure, it also helps in helping the body to deal with issues related to stress and its related side-effects.

In fact, Tulsi basil is found to produce Eugenol, and it has a lot of features to fight breast cancer cells.  There are a number of scientists who are still deep in research with it to find a new cancer treatment.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



It is also commonly preferred as Holy Basil.


Between March to September.

The height of the plant is approximately 3 feet.

Not very difficult to grow.

Planting and Care

Most of the time you will find Tulsi Basil growing in the soil which is moist all around the world. For temperate gardens, the holy basil is just the perfect choice. The Tulsi basil is mostly an annual plant and it can also self-seed depending upon the climate as it favors temperate conditions.






It is recommended to be in the Full sun for at least fours hours a day. Though, it can also deal with partial shades.

The fertile and loamy soil is preferred with the good drainage system.

Must be watered on regular basis.

The temperature ideal for Tulsi Basil is around 18 to 30 degrees C.

Organic fertilizer is the way to go for Tulsi Basil. It is also considered to use once balanced liquid fertilizer in every two weeks.


Caring for Kapoor Tulsi

●   During the time of rain make sure to not to water regularly

●   In the winter make sure to not to water on a regular basis it keeps the diseases away.

●   You need to make sure to expel the wilted, faded, or discolored leaves which will ensure the new foliage growth.

●   Make certain to remove the old flower buds and leaves which will keep the plant much more healthy.

●  When there are plentiful leaves, you need to keep on harvesting it

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